Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am still recovering after visiting my parents in Indiana..they keep their house too hot for me to sleep so I'd arranged a hotel room. I'd stayed there before many times but this time I woke up with a terrible allergic reaction (most likely from the laundry soap they used on the sheets). I'm still dealing with it 2 weeks later with antihistamines. it's not serious but I have no energy and still am breaking out in red blotches from even small movements (taking a lot of benadryl). I also broke my computer during these events. my replacement just arrived. The good news is that my artwork is growing and I am able to work on drawings still..I'm hardly able to get out of bed at the moment. sending you lots of love.

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  1. Mega hairy muscle hugs wishing you a very speedy recovery. WOOOF. Can't wait to see the new work.