Sunday, October 31, 2010

sketch 10 30 2010

Happy Halloween's fun to sketch and see what emerges. Since I work from photographs so often it's important to let my pencil fly free with no reference.


  1. I'm one of Daddy Santa's helpers and I just received Mancards 1, no. 3, personalized, and I have told Daddy santa to add this great deck of mancards in their lucite clear box to his list at Xmas.
    These cards will put a smile on any man's face and make perfect stocking stuffers.

    There are so many favorites. The hot hairy dude in his red briefs, lying down, one pit up, the ultra hot furry leather dude with his fuzzy butt cheeks bound in a hot jock strap; Mr hot, furry business man with his hot rod standing straight up on his fuzzy torso; a hot furry cop letting it all hang out, and finally, a big favorite, the masked hunk with his arms behind his back and his hot rod pointing to the sky. WOOF, fuckin, WOOF

  2. I forgot to add that they are double sided cards. So double your hairy pleasure, double your furry fun. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF