Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Hairyartist info

Hi Buddy! I bring news today..as you remember, I've been working on my archival MANCARDS as a way to offer you signed and numbered sets of archival prints of my paintings as I prepare them for my first art book. I've been finishing set 2 which I'll present this week. Unfortunately I underestimated the cost of archival inks as I've stepped up my printing and the $21 (US) price I set is not going to be sustainable. I'm going to keep this introductory price through November 30, and raising it thereafter, probably to 35 ultimately. The prints are gorgeous, and at 1200 dots per inch, present every detail perfectly.

I've been working on additional products that I'm ready to start sharing with you, such as my 2011 calendar (sexy version) and the version I designed for general audiences that you can preview here.

And there is more. I set up the blog Beard Street a few years ago to be my storefront, and am finally ready to start using it. I will have some new cards to present as well as my hairy man art on a variety of objects I've created over the years (and offered at reasonable prices ;). Hopefully something new as many days as I can, many one of a kind objects. Love, William

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