Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new tshirts from my art!

hi buddy..guess what? in this season of new from hairyartist, I've just opened a storefront for tshirts made from my paintings. check it out here:
I've set them up as American Apparel shirts but you can print them as basic tshirts for less, or anything down to baby creepers if you'd like ;) If there is a picture of me you'd like a shirt of feel free to let me know (although I will have to paint underwear on for this usage if need be ;)

I had to adapt these paintings for tshirt usage..I'll be sharing the 2 versions for you to enjoy (there are 3 designs so far). I made a print on watercolor paper then repainted the image to my satisfaction.

and also..

my other recent debuts:tumbler blog of sketches

DVD-Volume 2
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don't forget MANCARDS 2

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